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 Batch Rescrape - Missing Posters & Fanart

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Batch Rescrape - Missing Posters & Fanart Empty
PostSubject: Batch Rescrape - Missing Posters & Fanart   Batch Rescrape - Missing Posters & Fanart Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2009 6:25 pm


May not necessarily be classed as a bug but if you use the batch rescrape to search for missing Fanart or Posters and you do not check the re-scrape Media Tags then it actually removes all media tags from the .nfo's.

I know this was discussed a while back as a way to remove the tags from the nfo but perhaps it would be a better option to just run this on the basis of the Tags Option under preferences as it really slows down the scrape because you have to re-scrape the media tags each time.

I would have though it better that if scraping for missing fanart or posters to leave the .nfo alone rather then changing any details in it.


EDIT: Billy, perhaps it may be better to move this over to Feature requests, Thanks.
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Batch Rescrape - Missing Posters & Fanart
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