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 File Renaming and Multilanguage Options

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File Renaming and Multilanguage Options Empty
PostSubject: File Renaming and Multilanguage Options   File Renaming and Multilanguage Options Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 9:37 pm

Hello there,
first of all a big "THANK YOU" for this great programm!!! It's great to see trhat you help people organize theire data in an efficient an practicable way, that's really a big issue nowadays.

When i looked at MC'S functions a few things popped in my mind, and i said, i'd give it a try and post about'm here. But PLZ have mercy onme, my english is not that good. privacy
I asked myself, wat informnation could sites like Google or Imdb gather about a user while he sends while scraping mediafiles. One might feel uncomfortable, knowing his or her ip-adress could be logged next to a list of the mediafiles they scraped, and who knows what else. It would feel much better if that information was requested in a manner, that much anomized, that it couldn't compromise data privacy issues... on the other hand, using or establishing a connection via a proxy to anonymize the requests might be to scary tech-stuff for many many users...

2. Renaming files and folders ( Multilanguage )

If you collected moviefiles in different languages, you'd be glad to have a tool to rename and clean the files in a manner reflecting your personal interest and imdb standards. Meaning, u might like the movie title to adapt imdb standard (moviename (date specification).file-extension), but you'd prefer to keep the movietitle either in your own language or in the language that the original filename used.

This means u'd need to hbe able to choose between 3 options.
a) Rename according my native language
b) Rename, keeping orig. filenames language (if possible)
c) Rename to english title

It would not make sense though, to set this option "globally" for a renaming process (like in ember), since u might want one renaming option for one file and another for some other file. So i think maybe a list-generation and output, prior to the actual execution of renaming and metadata-creation, could be a good approach.
A list that gives the user the ability to checkbox-select for each file wich renaming rule should be applied. Wheather or not this precaution list is generated might of cause be bound to optionally selectable and predifinable fields in the movie preferences area...


orig. filename:
Eventyret om ringen andsomeothercrab.avi

user native language (German):
Der Herr der Ringe (2001).avi

Orig. filname language (Denmark):
Eventyret om ringen (2001).avi

English filename:
The Lord of the Rings (2001).avi

And if there also was a chance to have the software rename the folders containing the mediafiles during the same process and after the same renaming!!

3. Multilanguage again

It'd sure be nice if the file-contained language streams where also shown on the "Main Browser" page and integrated into the metadata sheet, so that the user get's an instant idea what's available for the ear Smile

Wheow, that's a long post Smile I hope u guys have time to go through it and maybe get inspired Wink
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File Renaming and Multilanguage Options
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