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 problems with .actors folders and actor thumbs in tvshow.nfo

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problems with .actors folders and actor thumbs in tvshow.nfo Empty
PostSubject: problems with .actors folders and actor thumbs in tvshow.nfo   problems with .actors folders and actor thumbs in tvshow.nfo Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 4:15 am

Hi Billy,

I have run into two problems regarding the .actors folder and the referencing of actor thumbs within the nfo files.

first, i just noticed that randomly, the .actor folders for alot of my tv shows are missing. when i rescrape the show, the .actors folder comes back, but it is not there in the season level even after the rescrape. I haven't changed any settings at all so I am not sure why this is doing that. This is happening on both of my hdd's where my tv shows are located. The weird thing is that it is not happening on all of my tv shows, just some of them. I do know for a fact that they were all there during the initial scrape, so I don't know why they are disappearing all of a sudden.

Secondly, i've noticed that all of my tvshow.nfo files are using links to the tvdb actor thumbs rather than using the local thumbs.

::UPDATE:: after some investigating, i've noticed that unless the 'Enable Save Actor Thumbs' under the movie preferences is checked the local actor thumbs are not used in the tvshow.nfo. However, since I have to set a save location for the movie actor thumbs, that same save location is used in the tvshow.nfo. for example instead of referencing the saved tv show actor thumbs in \TV\Lost\.actors within the tvshow.nfo, the nfo is pointing to '\Other Stuff\XBMC\Actor Thumbs' Is the tvshow.nfo supposed to point to the thumbs saved in the .actors folder? I also just noticed that the movie nfo files are pointing to an imdb link and not the their local actor folders.

I also noticed that I can't get the actor thumb references within the tvshow.nfo to update unless I use the 'search for new episodes' button. Whenever I use the rescrape button, it does not update the tvshow.nfo.
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problems with .actors folders and actor thumbs in tvshow.nfo
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