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 Episode Missing from Collection

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PostSubject: Episode Missing from Collection   Episode Missing from Collection Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 4:50 am

Using MCv3.400 on XP Pro SP3, in my TV shows tab, I go to TV Shows>Search for missing Episodes. In this case I am looking for Stargate Universe Season 2 shows. When the search is complete, Season 2 folder shows in the list, but the ep titles are in blue and when selected the plot info area says "This episode is missing from your collection". It is in the same folder structure on my HDD as the rest of my show, that show up correctly in MC. Why would MC not be seeing these files correctly?

On another note, there are shows that are marked watched in XBMC (that are indeed watched), but MC still shows them as unwatched. Anyone know why this is?
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PostSubject: Re: Episode Missing from Collection   Episode Missing from Collection Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 11:28 am

I will explain how MC works perhaps that will assist you in working out the issue exactly...

The blue episode titles appear when you use the "Check Stargate Universe for missing episodes" - All this does is list any episodes that MC hasn't yet found so that you know which ones you are missing. It doesn't perform a search first however.

To get MC to find new episodes you need to select "Search Stargate Universe For new episodes". MC will now look for video files, scrape the information & create the nfo files & show the episode in the list in black.

If that isn't working then there a couple of reasons for that....MC isn't looking in that particular folder because its not listed in the preferences or MC cannot locate the episode on TVDB because the episode doesn't have the correct season & episode number or the format is not recognised. Sometimes the TVDB can be down too so it doesn't work then either.

The best way is to turn the log on if it isn't already on, & read down through the steps its posts. Hopefully it will tell you where the issue is...

Re the watched status...XBMC only imports the watched status from the nfo into its own database. It doesn't write this back to the nfo when a show has been watched so MC never knows it has been watched. The concept of the watched status is that you can more easily set that status in MC & then get XBMC to refresh that information.


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Episode Missing from Collection
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