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 Missing fields and 0 duration

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Missing fields and 0 duration Empty
PostSubject: Missing fields and 0 duration   Missing fields and 0 duration Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 12:13 pm

I'm having some trouble getting started. I have a collection of Blurays, each in their own directory under a "Rips" top-level directory, and also an 'easy access' directory called "Blurays" which contains hardlinks to the required .m2ts file. This works really well, sometimes I have to remux a movie if it's broken into parts or has multiple endings but that's easy.

My problem is that if I get Media Companion to look at the "Rips" dir, it finds all the .m2ts files in each subdirectory (hundreds of them, all together). I tried setting it to use XBMC scrapers and to use the dirname as the moviename, but that didn't work.

Reading the "Blurays" folder is more successful, but the .jpg poster keeps getting overwritten and with .nfo and .jpg files ending up in the same directory as the (linked) m2ts files.

That's OK, but another larger problem still exists, now that I've got the basics working. The Rating, Star and Outline fields are all blank. If I go to change movie, getting information off IMDB, it seems to pick up those fields, but the duration field becomes 0, and the cover art looks like it's Spanish.

I'm using MC 3.416b in Win7 64bit, with dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe installed. I originally posted this over at but thought this may be a more appropriate forum.



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Missing fields and 0 duration
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