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PostSubject: double scraping double scraping Icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2008 11:09 am


again me Sad I readded a folder to to change 1 or 2 names and media companion started to rescrape the folder (it was kind of strange, about 20 movies in the folder but only 5 scrapped) and then duplicated the entries in the list by adding a "2" after the movie name.

unfortunately it also created another set ob nfo and tbn files and the worst thing it, that it also renamed the movie files (also by adding a "2" to the filename) and created 0byte files with the original filename.
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PostSubject: Re: double scraping double scraping Icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2008 11:54 am

I have no idea what has happened here, I have not programmed MC to do what you have said it has done.

Just for it to start scraping without being explicitly told to is afaik impossible and the program at no point alters the main movie file. It does collect the filename when scanning for new movies then replaces the extension with .nfo, creating and renaming media files is beyond the scope of the program.

My only suggestion is perhaps :- double scraping Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call

Do you have a problem with Media Companion, before posting a bug then please check you have the very latest version of Media Companion
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