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 Request: Scrape TV Episodes by Filename

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Request: Scrape TV Episodes by Filename Empty
PostSubject: Request: Scrape TV Episodes by Filename   Request: Scrape TV Episodes by Filename Icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 12:41 pm

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I would certainly prefer if MC could scrape my TV episodes based on their filenames, rather than the folder name or nfo file. (As an option, not necessarily replacing the current default behavior) The reason for this is mainly because I would like to significantly reduce the scanning time by being able to scan just one folder containing my newly downloaded episodes. That folder would contain a mix of episodes from various TV shows, but each file would have the show's name in the filename. If MC could scan just that folder and parse show names from the filenames (like it does for movies), it would take much less time than it does at the moment, having to loop through over a hunder TV Show folders, check the nfo file, check the number of existing episodes, and then check for new episodes. I just did a test scan for new episodes, without any new episodes being added. It took over 2 minutes for MC to go through all the folders and determine that no new episodes need to be scraped. It's not a HUGE amount of time, but every second counts when I'm dying to watch the newest episode of my favorite show Smile

I currently use this method for my movies, scanning a temporary folder rather than my actual movies folder. It doesn't bother me that MC's movie database doesn't reflect my actual movie library, and in fact I find it more useful because MC then only shows the newly scanned movies, and I can easily go through them to check for accuracy (I've seen something like this requested in this forum). Afterward, I then move those movies into my main movies folder.

Hope this makes sense.

[EDIT] I think one important thing I should say is that I don't use MC as a 'library' or 'database' for keeping track of my movies and shows. I have XBMC and Plex for that. For me, MC is simply a tool for scraping video info, thumbs, etc. So the faster and more efficiently it can do that, the better, as far as I'm concerned. I realize that not everybody sees the program the same way, but I thought it might help to explain where I'm coming from.

Thanks again for a great program and for listening to my previous comments.

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Request: Scrape TV Episodes by Filename
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