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 Missing Thumbs, episodes over 99 & Re-Scrape Episodes

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Missing Thumbs, episodes over 99 & Re-Scrape Episodes Empty
PostSubject: Missing Thumbs, episodes over 99 & Re-Scrape Episodes   Missing Thumbs, episodes over 99 & Re-Scrape Episodes Icon_minitimeThu Jan 28, 2010 9:07 pm

I know this has been asked, but can you see a way with the next version of Media Companion to include the following two options:

1). A Sort/Show button for TV Episodes that do not have images. Seems TheTvdb has a lot off issues where I can scrape the show and get the nfo, but there is no image downloaded. This option would be good for us that update TheTVDB for new episodes that there are no images to get at all, while also allowing us to create our own images if TheTVDB has corrupt or api issues.

2). Episodes from 100 and greater. I Know that is much more complex to do, but maybe numbering the episodes with three digits, but removing the leading '0' if there is one for display purposes?? This request might take time so not really asking for the next version.

3). Thought of another. A way to re-scrape an episode. Sometimes I have found that TheTVDB has no information loaded, ie: no Plot or director etc. So I find and load this into TheTVDB. All Good, but then Have to delete NFO's, rebuild TV Database, then search for new episodes. Can there be a way to just re-scrape a single episode, or a whole season even (prefer by episode). Maybe in the drop-down box when you r-click on an episode?

Anyway. Thanks heaps for all you hard work. Looking forward to you next revision of Media Companion.


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Missing Thumbs, episodes over 99 & Re-Scrape Episodes
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