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 Small Update 2.107

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Small Update 2.107 Empty
PostSubject: Small Update 2.107   Small Update 2.107 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 2:53 pm

2 small fixes from 2.106

When creating the multi episode capability I inadvertantly broke the episode regex import ability
i've been informed that watched tag <watched>1</watched> doesn't import to XBMC, it is now saved as <watched>true</watched> or <watched>false</watched>, let me know if this works ok.

Download Version 2.107

Do you have a problem with Media Companion, before posting a bug then please check you have the very latest version of Media Companion

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Small Update 2.107 Empty
PostSubject: Watched/Unwatched   Small Update 2.107 Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 9:48 pm

This still doesn't work (at least in Plex it doesn't)

<playcount>0</playcount> = unwatched

greater than 0 is watched.

I've noticed the <watched> tag start to appear in newer nfo's so it might be new feature that isn't implemented yet. To be safe I'd change both <watched> to true and <playcount> to 1

While I'm on the subject, I noticed while testing this that you aren't resetting the watched/unwatched button if an nfo exists without a <watched> tag, you just seem to leave it as it is, it should change back to unwatched if the tag is missing.

*Quick question*
Any resaon why you don't populate the <thumb> tag?

Great bit of software btw, well done! (any chance of a mac version?!?)
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Small Update 2.107
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