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 Fanart / Poster Quality rating system.

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Fanart / Poster Quality rating system. Empty
PostSubject: Fanart / Poster Quality rating system.   Fanart / Poster Quality rating system. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 01, 2009 6:51 pm

The problem with Fanart, Posters, Actor Thumbs etc is the default chosen is often times a very poor quality. Cropped box scans end up being displayed as posters, Fanart is composed of low quality screen caps some fan uploaded instead of studio released art and so on.

I propose a way of determining automatically which piece of art MC will chose by default based on the over-ride decisions of the community.

Upon manually editing an art source, the imdb/tvdb tag number is submitted to an sql database along with source url for the image.
ID Fanart Source Poster Source Submitter
tt0200465 User1
tt0200465,0,351,351_SS80_.jpg User2
tt0200465,0,351,351_SS80_.jpg User3

As in the above examples (for Poster Art) User 1 chose a box scan, Users 2 and 3 chose the artwork the box was based on. So even though the default scanned image would be chosen by MC , the database knows users prefer the alternate higher quality image.

A quick check of the preferences Database before scraping would then tell the program which URL to use when downloading the image.

This offers a few other potential advantages as well. By keeping record of the most frequently selected artwork and their source, it would be possible to auto-submit them to mirror servers, so connection timeouts can be quickly redirected to other sources. As only the preferred art is being tracked, there's no need to store terabytes of images on a mirror site. Instead, only a few select images are uploaded, and only when the users choose to override their own libraries, so there's no manual effort to provide a backup. Of course, that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves now, but there's lots of ways to use such information, that's just one example I thought of.

For privacy reasons, I would track users with numbers, not IP addresses or forum login names. Some people may shy away from having the world know how many videos they have and which specific ones reside on their hard drives.

It's important to track users however so one person can't deliberately jack up the votes for one art file over the community's collective decision.
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Fanart / Poster Quality rating system.
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