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 Simplified settings.

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Simplified settings. Empty
PostSubject: Simplified settings.   Simplified settings. Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 1:31 am

While I admit, the program is simple to use, there are a number of different configurations people will have that will impact the typical settings they choose.

A "Setup Wizard" that steps new users through the proper configuration based on how they answer a few simple questions would eliminate a lot of the troubles people have with other programs like XBMC.

For example, a user running XBMC on an xBox on a standard def TV will by default want the lower poster and fan art resolutions, as the output device won't show it any differently than the high res, but it will require less memory and save them some frustration with video lag.

Someone running XBMC on a Media Center, using a 55" LED TV in 1080p will naturally want the highest quality images, with no concerns about run-time memory.

Others won't be running XBMC (or one of it's variants) at all, and likely will never need wide icons.

A "Parental Safety" option could eliminate some graphic fanart, or replace it with a blank or default piece of artwork based on the movie's rating.

Presenting users with a few selections for their default options could reduce the number of "How do I..." questions about this program and any other media players or library programs they use MC with.

A Simple script like the following would work great:

What Media Center Software do you use?

• XBMC (Media Center PC)
• XBMC (xBox)
• Boxee
• Windows Media Center PC
• xBox 360
• Apple TV
• Other

What type of artwork should represent Movie Categories?
• Wide Icon
• Thumbnail
• Generic Banner
• Poster (DVD) size
• No artwork for movie categories.

What type of artwork should represent TV Series?
• Wide Icon
• Thumbnail
• Generic Banner
• Poster (DVD) size
• No artwork for TV Series.

What type of artwork should represent Individual movies?
• Wide Icon
• Thumbnail
• Generic Banner
• Poster (DVD) size
• No artwork for Individual movies.

What type of artwork should represent each TV Episode?
• Wide Icon
• Thumbnail
• Generic Banner
• Poster (DVD) size
• No artwork for TV Episode.

Do you want to download Fanart for your videos?
• Yes
• No

What will your videos be displayed on?
• Standard Def TV
• HD TV 720p/720i
• HD TV 1080p/1080i
• Computer Monitor
• Hand-held device
• Other

Would you like to block FanArt and poster for Adult Materials?
• Show Rated PG13 or lower only
• Show RATED R or lower only
• Show Rated NC17 or lower only
• Show all
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Simplified settings.
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