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 Season Folder images

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Season Folder images Empty
PostSubject: Season Folder images   Season Folder images Icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 5:30 am

Gidday Billy.

First, LOVE!! your program! Very Happy Very Happy

Now a request. I'm still using V2.092 for TV Shows and one thing the program doesn't do for me is place the Season thumbs in the Season folders.

I have TV Shows then sub-folders for the Seasons. IE:

Season 01
Season 02....etc

MC scrapes the Shows Perfectly and also downloads the Season Thumbs, but these are in the Show folder. Is there an automated way to add the season thumb into the correct season folder, also renaming the thumb to 'folder.jpg'. XBMC picks these up sweetly.

One other thing that I can't find, downloading of new season thumbs? Sofar I've gone to thetvdb and saved/moved the new image into the correct folder. Example is new season 5 of Supernatural just started.

Otherwise, I am REALLY looking forward to the Gen2 release with TV support. cheers

One final note, just for your interest. Older V2.092 and new Gen2 3.098 - Works well in Windows 98!
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Season Folder images
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