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 Numerous crashes and issues

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Numerous crashes and issues Empty
PostSubject: Numerous crashes and issues   Numerous crashes and issues Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2009 2:56 am

I'm using version 3186. I'm running in Windows 7 on a Core 2 Duo laptop. I'm connect to my movie folders on the local network in two WD 1TB drives each are Linux ext4 formatted. I setup MC to see both drives. It will go thru every file and folder in the first drive and scrape it just fine, then it gets to the second drive and scrapes the files, but then sits and spins on the folder. It won't scape a single folder. The permissions are wide open, full rwx for everyone on every folder, subfolder and file. I even check the samba share settings and they're also wide open. It just refuses to do the dvd folders in the second drive.

In your folder recursion there is a bug because MC pukes on empty folders every time. Any empty folder any where in the structure will kill it. Also when you "Change Movie" it will change the first movie fine, but then if you try to do a second, it never comes back from the scrap. It just sticks and you have to shut down MC completely, restart then you can another change movie. Most of the cancel and various button that should interrupt processes do nothing. You're pretty much always stuck and have to use Task Manager to shut down.
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Numerous crashes and issues
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