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  Where else can I wear my wedding dress?

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 Where else can I wear my wedding dress? Empty
PostSubject: Where else can I wear my wedding dress?    Where else can I wear my wedding dress? Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2011 6:11 am

I have a beautiful simple wedding dress made out of chiffon and satin. It's empire waisted and has a small train. Where else can I wear it?! I don't want it to sit in a wedding bag it's entire life.... Smile
it sounds very pretty - no wonder you want to get more use out of it!
anyway,unless you're willing to have it shortened and dyed (if it is white/ivory),you probably wont get to wear it again unless its for a fancy dress party or some kind of formal party like a white party
if not,then sell or donate to a worthy cause like oxfam or to someone who isn't as fortunate enough to be able to buy lace v-neckLine wedding dresses .
if it is propery accessorised you may be able to wear it to formal dinner parties or a ball. you might want to consider having it cut and shortened to a tea or cocktail length so you can wear it to just about any party, except of course another wedding because i am presuming it is white.
some brides wear their a-line v-neck wedding dresses for their vow renewals in future years and some even wear them every year on their anniversary.
but of course most people sell their wedding gowns or give them away to a charitable organization to help other less fortunate brides. not many girls keep their wedding gowns these days.
It's kind of hard to wear ball gown one shoulder wedding dresses to another event, ever. If you want to do something useful with it, donate it to Brides Against Breast Cancer! They collect and resell wedding dresses to raise money for breast cancer research! Your dress will get a second life, and you get a tax donation! Just something to think about,sweetheart empire waist chiffon wedding dresses!
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Where else can I wear my wedding dress?
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