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 Find and move TV Episodes

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Find and move TV Episodes Empty
PostSubject: Find and move TV Episodes   Find and move TV Episodes Icon_minitimeThu Dec 10, 2009 12:05 am

An awesome feature of the program TVRename is the ability to scan one or more folders
for TV episodes then rename them and move them to the proper folder.

For example, it looks in E:\Downloads for any shows that i have configured and whatever
it finds, it asks me to confirm and it will then move them into the appropriate season folders
of the found TV Shows.

It will also download the .nfo and .tbn

Here is a screenshot of what it asks me to confirm :

Find and move TV Episodes Tvrena10

My only gripe with that other software is that it won't find anything that hasn't aired yet.

I don't remember if you are coding in C# or but the source code is available at

With this feature, MC would be the undisputed champion of media managers. (ok, ok, it ALREADY is Smile )
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Find and move TV Episodes
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